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Community Engagement

Host creative projects to engage communities in social change 

Community Engagement

Knowledge Mobilization

Turn your research data

into stories to drive learning and dialogue

Knowledge Mobilization

Resource Development

Build beautiful resources to share and grow your story

Resource Development


Stories are fundamental to how we learn and grow. At 7.10 stories we combine creative storytelling with solid project management to further social change with a focus on gender equity. 

We imagine, create and work with you to tell the story of your research, to engage communities in socially responsible programs and to build beautiful resources.


We believe creativity is best realized collaboratively

7.10 stories is led by Vijaya Chikermane, long time social

justice advocate and first time social entrepreneur.  We work 

at the intersections of research, strategy, design, editing and illustration with brilliant partners to bring multidisciplinary projects to life.  


We are a socially responsible enterprise whose clients work to positively impact their communities.

Our projects range from art-based projects to developing toolkits, anthologies, and knowledge mobilization strategies. Check out some of our work and if you have partnership or project ideas, we'd love to hear from you.


We believe in actively working to better our world. 

A portion of our revenue is put towards a fund for women looking to create their own unique stories through business or skills-building opportunities. We also offer free facilitation to a group each year interested in diverse forms of storytelling.

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