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7.10 stories uses written, visual and story-driven strategies to make your work stand out. We love finding new and creative ways to share research data, build beautiful resources and to engage communities in social change and gender justice. 

Knowledge Mobilization 

Knowledge mobilization is about sharing research to positively benefit communities, forge collaborations and further our collective understanding. We work to make your knowledge accessible through:

  • Creative KMb and KTE strategies

  • Infographics and data stories

  • Research posters (online & print) 

  • Papers and briefs

Resource Development 

Organizations often run vital programs on shoestring budgets delivered by small, dedicated staff teams. Time to plan and write new grants or produce materials that reflect the community impact of your work can be a luxury. To help grow the story of your work we offer:

  • Writing support for grants, strategic plans or reports 

  • Development of program manuals, guides or toolkits

  • Online & Print Content 

Community Engagement

We creatively engage communities in social issues using art, stories and video. Projects are tailored to suit your goals and can include implementation guides, facilitation and reporting supports

  • Arts-based Community Projects

  • Arts-based Evaluations 

  • Collaborative Community Visioning 

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